the Joyality program


the Joyality program

The Joyality Program is an 8-week experiential ecopsychology program that helps you feel empowered, fully alive and positive about the future. It guides you to discover and develop your abilities as a powerfully positive changemaker. The Joyality Program is grounded in principles of ecopsychology, deep ecology, The Work That Reconnects, and non-violent communication and social action. 


  1.  connect with your deeper feelings about what is happening in the world and discover your unique gifts and passions
  2.  connect more deeply with nature
  3.  connect with other people, both “allies” and “opponents”
  4. apply your unique gifts, skills and resources to creating positive change in your own life, in your community, and on the larger social, economic, and cultural scale
  5. care compassionately for yourself and others in order to maintain and strengthen your commitment to action and your joy at being alive at this time in history


  • online access to 36 experiential practices, including 16 audio tracks you can download onto your phone or other mobile device so you can listen to them anywhere
  • written transcripts so you can share the practices with your friends and family
  • access to a Joyality “secret group” on Facebook where you can share your experiences with others on the program, and Joyality facilitators will respond to your questions
  • a before-and-after Joyality Scorecard so you get to see your progress by the end of the course

how you can participate:

1. Online access to The Joyality Program. Registration includes access to the Joyality website and all 36 experiential practices, 16 audio tracks and transcripts, access to the Joyality Facebook group and the Joyality Scorecard. There are 8 modules of 2 hours each. You will have access to the program, including updates, for six months and can revisit the 8 modules of the course at your own pace after participating in the sharing circles. 

2. Join a Joyality Circle. Registration also includes membership a small group of people who are going on their Joyality journeys together. This group takes the form of a "sharing circle" or "wisdom circle" and will be facilitated by a certified Joyality Facilitator. Groups will meet once a week for 8 weeks to discuss the thoughts, feelings and experiences participants have throughout the program. These meetings will be held either online or in person, depending on the location of participants and facilitators, and are 2 hours.

Joyality is a non-profit project and our pricing aims to maximise accessibility whilst covering costs and paying our global team of skilled facilitators for their important role. We also gratefully accept donations to further this important work.

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our promise to you:

By completing The Joyality Program, and applying its tools and practises regularly, you will feel more empowered, connected and able to take conscious action. 


Joyality Modules

Here's a peek at what your 8-week Joyality Journey holds!

Joyality Modules

Here's a peek at what your 8-week Joyality Journey holds!

Joyality 101: Taking the First Step

You will learn how to get grounded and find a sense of stillness within yourself by connecting with nature. You will also learn how to stay inspired and keep yourself from getting discouraged by “negative” information. You will begin to explore your own passions and learn how to think of problems as opportunities, and use that framework to develop a plan for action. 




Joyality 201: Finding Your Inner Nature

You will learn how to connect with the nature that is within you instead of “out there” and will begin to deconstruct the culturally supported atomized view of the self as a satellite disconnected from everything and everyone around it. You will also learn how to engage effectively with “negative” information about what’s happening in the world and how to communicate effectively and compassionately about it to others.

Joyality 301: Going Deeper

You will have the opportunity to acknowledge, fully experience, honour and release any so called “negative” feelings you have about what is happening to our planet and all the plants, animals and humans who call it home. You will have the opportunity to sit with and be held in any difficult and uncomfortable emotions you have. You will then learn some tools to transform the power of those emotions into dynamism and motivation to take action for positive change. 

Joyality 401: Embracing Your Inner Changemaker

You will learn to transform the way you look at what’s happening to our world, your role in it, and your power to create change. After honouring the so called “negative” emotions you experienced in 301, you will gain tools and concepts to help you channel the potential held in those feelings into positive action both in your own life and with your community.

Joyality 501: Creating A More beautiful World

You will transform the way you view yourself as a human being and as a change-maker by releasing important judgments you may be holding about yourself. You will learn ways to let go of old ways of seeing yourself and others, and find ways of connecting effectively and compassionately with people who have different values and world-views than you. By doing this, you will learn how to channel the positive visions and empowerment you have built throughout this program into compassionate and effective action, not just on an individual level, but also on a collaborative, community level. 

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Joyality 601: In the Corridors of Power

You will learn ways to connect with nature, and find a stillness within yourself, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Then, by embracing the mythical realm, you will practise your new abilities to “sustain the gaze”, hold all the “good” and “bad” things happening in the world within you at the same time, and still be able to maintain your passion and positive vision for the future. You will learn some skills to channel the positive visions and empowerment you have built throughout this program into compassionate and effective action, not just on an individual and community level, but on the larger scale of our society, economy, and mainstream culture.  Take some steps into the corridors of power!

Joyality Completion: Celebrating Joyality!

You will celebrate the journey we are on together, as well as the steps you’ve taken so far. You will be given the chance to reflect, appreciate and harvest the gifts you've received along the way. You will consider who you were at the beginning of Joyality, and who you are now. You get to appreciate who is around you, and who you are travelling with. You also ponder where you're heading, and what your next few steps might be.




"Don't ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go out and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive"
- Howard Thurman

Empowerment happens when you Stay Awake.

Staying Awake means being actively engaged with the state of the world. It means being aware of both the "good" and "bad" things happening in the world. It means embracing reality exactly as it is, whilst constantly challenging and questioning it. It means maintaining this alertness and openness without sinking into denial of the extent of our challenges, or into nihilism that efforts for change are futile.



Staying Awake means developing the ability to “sustain our gaze” at the world in all of its chaos and turmoil, love and loss, and remember who we are, what our passions and gifts are, and how much power we have to create change if we only step up and embrace it.





"To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from."
- Terry Tempest Williams


We need to Connect with nature, each other and our deepest selves in order to access the strength, inspiration and wisdom that is within and around us.


These connections are ancient, and although they have been laying dormant in our dominant culture for so long, they are always there waiting for us to rediscover them.

Reconnecting to nature helps us locate ourselves as human beings in space and time, find a feeling of greater universal belonging, and appreciate the beauty and delicate interconnectedness of life on planet earth.

Connecting to each other helps us remember that we are not alone and that our common humanity is a creative and inspiring force. It also help us learn from those who are different than us and become more loving and compassionate agents of change.

Connecting with our deepest selves helps us discover our passions and gifts and identify how we can use them in healing the world.


Conscious Action

Conscious Action

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy”
– Dale Carnegie

We must engage in effective, compassionate and collaborative Action to change the status quo and create a sustainable future. This action needs to take place in our individual lives, within our communities, and in the larger social, economic, and cultural systems of which we are a part.

Taking positive action, even when it is “unsuccessful”, fires us up, connects us to other people, and helps us align the realities of our lives with our deeper values. Taking action, in and of itself, gives our life meaning and purpose; it is an outward commitment, a  show of love and care for the planet and all those who live on it.