Feeling overwhelmed or disempowered by the state of our world? Want to make a positive difference but not sure how? Or simply want to feel more empowered and fully alive?

We offer in-person and online ecopsychology programs and workshops with accredited facilitators:

  • The Joyality Program: an 8-week experiential program including guided meditations and journaling practises, supported by weekly sharing circles

  • Drop Into Joyality: a weekly practise of guided meditation and sharing circle (just “drop in” to one workshop, or the whole series)

  • Workshops, retreats and programs designed for the needs of your particular group or organisation.

New concepts and tools will help you process your feelings about the state of our world, connect deeply with nature, gain clarity about your personal passions and gifts, and become empowered to take action for a sustainable future. Through participating in Joyality you will also build community and become connected to a diverse global network of conscious changemakers. 

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What people are saying about Joyality


“I feel like this Program has reminded me all of the things I had forgotten - to love myself and those around me, to realize my own potential to achieve, to allow myself to feel vulnerable and weak and frustrated at times, but to take those emotions and feed them into pro-active positive change. I feel that I have deeply connected with the other participants of this program and that this journey that we have shared will sit deeply in my heart forever. Thank you Joyality!”

- Sophie Wilksch, artist and builder, age 28

“The exposure that Joyality has given me to my capacity to connect with nature, myself, and others has been unbelievable. I will carry what I have learned-- the the many sources of inspiration, the strength and stability that nature provides, and the people who support or would support me-- for a long time coming. Much gratitude, Joyality.”

- Kayla Carrington, writer and university student, age 21

 “If you want to effect change in the world, and don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge and the feelings that evokes, then this program is for you. Joyality is a transformative journey for clarifying your meaningful contribution, learning tools and getting the support to manifest that contribution, and transforming grief and rage into the energy and stamina to take the action necessary to make it happen. Spread the word!”

- Roger Taylor, leadership development consultant, age 63

“The Joyality Program is a life changing and transformational journey that has Earth stewardship and 'real' future at its core. It should be mandatory.”

- Liana Guegan Rahmah, entrepreneur, age 56


“Joyality takes deep ecology to a whole new level. Eshana’s 25 years of experience combining ecopsychology with making changes in mainstream society and academia shines through in this program. Highly recommended!”

- John Seed, OAM, deep ecologist & rainforest activist, co-author of Thinking Like a Mountain



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