Here’s what participants are saying about Joyality!


“Joyality is just what I needed. The future seemed bleak and dark but after Joyality I am able to feel positive about my future and the future of humanity on our planet.”

- Alex, university student, age 21 



“A must try experience for every human being. An opportunity to discover more about yourself. Worth every moment and an investment in accruing more joyality in our lives.”

- Gavin, community development worker, age 39




“The Joyality Program gently guided me in an exploration of self and empowerment of action, with a strong connection to nature. It brought to the surface how global changes affect my daily emotions, decisions, and presence in life and gave me tools to manage that in a positive way.”

-  Michelle, permaculturist & business manager, age 32


"Joyality came at the perfect time for me. With the election of Trump right in the middle of my participation in the Joyality Program, I received the necessary tools to help me discover what I really care about and how I can use my skills and passions and remain empowered in this incredibly dark time. Joyality allowed me to feel hopeful about my future of activism and helped me discover my path to making the world a more sustainable and just place."

- Erin, university student, age 20


“Joyality is a powerful program to support and develop empowered change makers.”

- Peter, environmental engineer, age 49 




"As a young person faced with so many problems in the world, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and helpless, the joyality program helps to instead come from a place of love and find positive solutions, while giving me a community of beautiful people who support each other." 

- Kudra, recent high school graduate & activist, age 19



Here’s what inspirational teachers, mentors, and thought leaders are saying about Joyality


“Joyality takes deep ecology to a whole new level. Eshana’s 25 years of experience combining ecopsychology with making changes in mainstream society and academia shines through in this program. Highly recommended!”

-  John Seed, OAM, deep ecologist & rainforest activist