Professional Development & Self Care 

Joyality for Healing Professionals supports you to hone your gifts with clarity and focus, to direct your energy to what you care about most while taking really good care of yourself. It is a personal journey to explore your own identity and values, your vision and fears; strengthen your resilience and resources for emotional regulation and engagement; and deepen your connection and place in the natural world.  

Using the Joyality Frame and Toolkit with your Clients

The Joyality Program’ contains 36 experiential processes and tools for:

  • meaningful connection with self, others and nature

  • emotional regulation and resilience to maintain our sense of well-being while being aware of significant problems in the wider world;

  • empowering conscious, self-sustained actions that benefit others and the natural world.

The Joyality toolkit supports people to:

  • Identify their passion and the actions they can take to the benefit of others and the world

  • Deepen their relationship with nature, including giving-back to the places we work within

  • Increase self-esteem while reducing cognitive dissonance so values are aligned with actions

  • Increase purpose, belonging, and a widely connected identity

  • Create a culture of resilience in the face of a changing world

  • Explore the therapeutic effect (on our worth and capacity) of taking action

  • Identify barriers to action and ways through to positive action and change.

These tools and practices are suitable for use with clients in both indoor and outdoor therapeutic environments.