Eshana Bragg Ph.D. (Byron Bay, AUST)

Dr. Eshana Bragg is an ecopsychologist, director at Sustainable Futures Australia, workshop facilitator, university lecturer in social change for the School for International Training’s Sustainability and Environmental Action program, grandmother, forest regenerator and lover of life. She has 25 years experience in social research focusing on the way we experience and understand our relationship with nature, and how that affects our behavior and well-being. She is a co-creator of The Joyality Program and has been facilitating Joyality since 2015.

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Rachel Taylor (washington state, USA)

Rachel Taylor is a social and environmental activist, facilitator, communicator, and student of nature both within and without. With a degree in Urban and Environmental Policy, Rachel has worked with many social and environmental justice organizations in communications, community organizing, creative activism and facilitation. She is also a Certified Master Facilitator in Core Gift Discovery from the Core Gift Institute. Rachel is a co-creator of The Joyality Program and has been facilitating Joyality since 2015.

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Haaweatea bryson M.A. (Hawaii, usa)

Haaweatea Holly Bryson (Australian, Waitaha, Ngāi Tahu) has specialized in guiding people through transformation, transition and trauma through experiences with the natural world for the past decade. She is an Eco/ Wilderness Therapist, Rite of Passage Guide, Psychotherapist, Vision Fast guide and Yoga and Meditation teacher. She consults on programs within communities and organizations in Australia, the US and China.

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Inspired by a childhood immersed in nature, Shamila completed an honors degree in Anthropology researching the varied relationships humans have with their environment, identity and behavior.  She has since dedicated her career to working for the health of Earth and its inhabitants through roles in environmental organizations and outdoor education, and by facilitating deep ecology, yoga, flower essence therapy and even Bollywood dance. Shamila brings this culmination of knowledge and skills to her Joyality Circles with gentleness and grace.

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Jenni Cargill-Strong (MULLUmbimby, aust)

Jenni Cargill-Strong is an award-winning Australian storyteller and singer, whose passions and expertise are focused on using story to help reconnect humans to place, to the ancient wisdom of earth-loving ancestors and the awareness that we humans are nature. Jenni tells at environmental rallies and creates tailor-made stories for community events. She offers a storytelling tour of Byron Bay, has been teaching storytelling since 2003 and environmental storytelling since 2015. In the academic realm, Jenni has worked at Southern Cross University (SCU) since 2009, is a guest lecturer and is also a trained secondary teacher.

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Manda Jane has been committed to a transformational path for more than three decades. Nature was her first safe haven and has continued to be a extraordinary source of nurture and nourishment. She loves this extraordinary planet that we live on and is committed to doing whatever she can to assist in the process of planetary health. Dedicated to the development of a just, equitable and peaceful society she as  a facilitator for CQ (Collective Intelligence NZ) helping business people develop sustainable practice on all levels.

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Terri Bates (Maleny, qld, aust)

Terri Bates is a skilled group facilitator, counsellor and clinical supervisor supporting other counsellors. She has a background in both psychology and counselling, with a particular interest in ecopsychology and deep ecology.

Terri leads her groups with gentleness, warmth and compassion. She is inclusive, supportive, and encouraging throughout the Joyality journey. Terri is passionate about community, social justice and the environment, particularly climate change. She is on a (lifelong) journey of deepening her connection with the Earth, experiencing herself as a part of this planet, not separate to nature. Through her deep ecology practices, through her connection with Earth, with self and with others, and through her own Joyality journey, Terri has found a resilient space where she finds she can let in the sad news of what is happening on our planet, without losing her sense of joy and wonder.

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Rita Gyorffy (melbourne, vic, aust)

Rita is passionate about the psychology of change, earth connection, simplicity living, somatic intuition, community and living lightly on the Earth. She started her professional career in Environmental and Renewable Energy Engineering, then following synchronous experiences, trained in integrative counselling. She is also a dancer, hawaiian bodyworker and into permaculture, bushskills and deep ecology. Rita is part of the core team at Joyality Central and has been involved in this work since its germination. She sees that in the world today we have all the technical solutions we require to live in better harmony with this planet, a missing piece of the puzzle is practicing how we create the world around us from our internal psyches.

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Sara Hicks (QUeensland, aust)

Sara Hicks is a wild-loving connector and transformational learning facilitator. She grew up rambling and rock hopping in out-of-bound places and today revels in taking others to play 'in the wild'. After a detour into journalism (changing the world one story at a time) she apprenticed herself to find ways to meet our longing for re-connection to self, earth and each other. Blending ecopsychology, adventure and story she guides co-creative journeys to deepen inner and inter-connection. Sara is an experienced education designer and facilitator, currently working on leadership, rewilding, adventure and environmental education programs in Lamington National Park, QLD.

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Peter Gringinger (Austria)

Peter is a Evolutionary Activist, Change Agent, Educator and Facilitator with years of experience in environmental science and engineering for ecosystem regeneration. He now works as a cultural creative, using whole systems, transition and regenerative design approaches to provide facilitation and support for individuals, communities, and organisations to co-create sustainable and thriving futures that are locally based but globally networked. Peter facilitates Joyality as a way to approach interconnected issues and create bridges between various worldviews to shift us into new consciousness and a future of deep connection, cooperation, regeneration and abundance.

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