"To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from."
- Terry Tempest Williams


We need to Connect with nature, each other and our deepest selves in order to access the strength, inspiration and wisdom that is within and around us.


These connections are ancient, and although they have been laying dormant in our dominant culture for so long, they are always there waiting for us to rediscover them.

Reconnecting to nature helps us locate ourselves as human beings in space and time, find a feeling of greater universal belonging, and appreciate the beauty and delicate interconnectedness of life on planet earth.

Connecting to each other helps us remember that we are not alone and that our common humanity is a creative and inspiring force. It also help us learn from those who are different than us and become more loving and compassionate agents of change.

Connecting with our deepest selves helps us discover our passions and gifts and identify how we can use them in healing the world.