Feeling overwhelmed or disempowered by the state of our world? Want to make a positive difference but not sure how? Or simply want to feel more empowered and fully alive?

The Joyality Program is an 8-week experiential and online ecopsychology program that includes guided meditations and journaling practises, supported by weekly sharing circles with accredited facilitators.

New concepts and tools will help you process your feelings about the state of our world, connect deeply with nature, gain clarity about your personal passions and gifts, and become empowered to take action for a sustainable future. Through participating in The Joyality Program you will also build community and become connected to a diverse global network of conscious changemakers. 

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What others are saying about Joyality


“If you want to feel better about the future, your connection with nature and yourself, do the Joyality Program. It's a program that uses meditation and various awesome activities that help make you look at the world and at yourself in a brighter way.”

- Miranda, high school student, age 18


“A must try experience for every human being. An opportunity to discover more about yourself. Worth every moment and an investment in accruing more Joyality in our lives.”

- Gavin, community development worker, age 39


“Joyality is just what I needed. The future seemed bleak and dark but after Joyality I am able to feel positive about my future and the future of humanity on our planet.”

- Alex, university student, age 21 


“Joyality takes deep ecology to a whole new level. Eshana’s 25 years of experience combining ecopsychology with making changes in mainstream society and academia shines through in this program. Highly recommended!”

- John Seed, OAM, deep ecologist & rainforest activist, co-author of Thinking Like a Mountain



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